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Duiven municipality (G)

Municipality in the Liemers region, covering the villages Duiven, Groessen and Loo. Population of the municipality is mostly catholic.





The St. Remigius is a Gothic pseudo-basilica with a Romanesque tower and a neo-Gothic transept and choir. This eastern part was built in 1910-1911 and was designed by J.Th.J. Cuypers and J. Stuyt.

Location: Remigiusplein 4






Like the St. Remigius in Duiven, the St. Andreas of Groessen has a Romanesque tower, a Gothic nave and a 20th-century eastern part. The latter was designed by H.W. Valk.

Location: Dorpstraat 7







The St. Antonius Abt of Loo is one of the oldest churches designed by A. Tepe that still exists. It is also probably his first hall-church, dating from 1873-1875.

Location: Loostraat 35



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