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Ubbergen municipality (G)
Ubbergen is a municipality east of the city of Nijmegen. Besides the village of Ubbergen, it consists of several more villages, like Beek, Persingen, Kekerdom and Leuth.




The reformed church of Beek is a small one-aisled building  with a tower that partly dates from the 11th century and a nave and choir which, although they could be mistaken for being Romanesque, date from the 17th century.

Location: Nieuwe Holleweg





The catholic St. Bartholomeus was built as a three-aisled church in neo-Classical style in 1825-1826. In 1891-1892 it was enlarged by J. Kayser, who added a fourth aisle, a pseudo-transept and a tower in neo-Renaissance style.

Location: Kerkweg 1






The former reformed church of Ubbergen was built as a chapel in the 15th century but was changed several times since. The current closure probably dates from ca. 1650, while the steeple was added in ca. 1848.

Location: Rijksstraatweg 3





The former monastery Notre Dame des Anges has a big chapel in neo-Gothic style, which was built between 1910 and 1916 and was designed by J.H.H. van Groenendael.

Location: Rijksstraatweg 37-39






Persingen is one of the smallest villages in the Netherlands, if not the smallest. A long time ago it was much bigger. In the 15th century this church was built, originally dedicated to St. Dionysius but after a restoration in the 1950's renamed St. Joriskapel.

Location: Persingensestraat 7



The St. Laurentius of Kekerdom is a one-aisled church in gothic style built in the 15th century with a neo-Gothic tower built in 1873 after a design by A.W. Roelofsen. At the same time the nave was lengthened towards the east and a new apse added.

Location: Duffeltdijk 11


The catholic St. Remigius in Leuth is a one-aisled cruciform church in Expressionistic style. Architect H.C. van de Leur designed it in the style of his former employer Dom Bellot. It was built in 1934-1935.

Location: Kerkplein


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