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Beek (G): reformed church or Kleine Bartholomeuskerk

The church of Beek was first mentioned as a chapel of the monastery of Zyfflich in 1286, but is in fact older, the lower half of the tower dating from the 11th century. The original chapel burned down in ca. 1380, its successor was partly destoyed by fire as well in ca. 1450. When Beek became a parish in 1536 the building was enlarged twice. Although the vast majority of the Beek population were catholics, early in the 17th century, after the Reformation, the church became protestant.  Once again the church was rebuilt;the upper part of the tower as well as the nave and the choir were all built in ca. 1650, possibly copying older shapes. When religious freedom was proclaimed at the end of the 18th century the church was not returned to the catholic majority. Instead it was used by both protestants and catholics, until the latter built a new church of their own in the 1820's.
During a restoration in 1906-1909 by F.A. Ludewig the current apse and the consistory were added. In september 1944 the church was badly damaged. Five years later it was restored. After yet another restoration in 2002, repairing several major technical mistakes made during the Ludewig restoration, the church was handed to a foundation in 2004.






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