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Nijmegen (G): St. Steven

The St. Steven is built in a mix of late Romanesque and both early and late Gothic styles, while the spire on top of the tower is in Renaissance style. St. Steven ('St. Stephen') is the original catholic name of this church; after the church became a protestant one its official name became Grote Kerk ('Great Church'), but usually the name St. Steven is used.
The first church at this location was built between 1254 and 1273. This was a Romanesque basilican church of which parts of the west facade and tower are recognizable in the current Gothic church. The church was gradually rebuilt in Gothic style, with a new choir added between 1343 and 1361 and wider side-aisles added ca. 1400. A new rebuild was started in ca. 1420 using plans by Gisbert Schairt van Bommel, but never completed. Starting at the east side and gradually moving towards the west the current choir with ambulatory and radiating chapels was added, followed by a three-aisled transept in the 16th century. From this period also dates the porch at the south, an example of Flamboyant Gothicism, although damaged and restored several times. For both the choir and transept clerestories were planned but not completed.
In World War Two much of the church was destroyed. The church was extensively restored from 1948 until 1969 under supervision of architect B. van Bilderbeek. Several parts were reconstructed, something which is especially visible at the tower which looks much too young for its age.










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