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Zutphen (G)

Zutphen is one of the oldest cities in The Netherlands, having been populated continuously since 1700 years. The city has many historic buildings.  





The St. Walburgiskerk is a big Gothic church with a distinctive silhouet, due to the fact that many of its parts are covered by seperate roofs. Since 1591 the church has been protestant property and is also known as Grote Kerk ('great church').

Location: 's-Gravenhof 3






The Broederenkerk was the church of the Dominican monastery that in 1293 was founded by Margaretha of Flanders. The church itself was built in 1306-1307 and is remarkably similar to the Dominican's church in Maastricht built several decades earlier, except that that church was built in marl instead of brick. The former church now houses the public library.

Location: Broederenkerkplein 2






The Nieuwstadkerk or St. Johannes de Doper was built after ca. 1300 as the church of Nieuwstad, a suburb of Zutphen that in 1312 became part of the town. Since 1806, when it was returned to its rightful owners, this has been the major catholic church of Zutphen.

Location: Nieuwstadskerksteeg 2






The chapel of the Agnietenconvent ('convent of St. Agnes') dates from 1465, although the convent itself was founded in 1397. In 1985-1986 it was reconstructed.









Since 1693 a former house has been used as the evangelical lutheran church. For most of the time it looked like a house, until in c. 1850 a facade in an early neo-Gothic style was added. This facade was altered in several ways in 1900 by architect D.J. van Loo.

Location: Breukerstraat 10







Nowadays used by the Salvation Army (Leger des Heils in Dutch) is this former Gereformeerde kerk in neo-Classical style, built in 1857.

Location: Hagepoortplein 4







The former Christelijk Gereformeerde kerk ('christan reformed church'; the name dates from a period when each protestant denomination was convinced to be the only one with the true faith) was founded in 1889 in a house that dates from 1284 and that was extended several times since. The facade probably dates from 1889.


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