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Oude Ijsselstreek municipality (G)

Municipality in the Achterhoek region, formed in 2005 by merging the former Wisch and Gendringen municipalities. Among the locations in this municipality are Etten, Terborg and Varsseveld.






The reformed church of Etten is a small 15th-century Gothic church with a Romanesque tower from ther 12th century.

Location: Dorpsstraat 23






Etten's catholic church is the St. Martinus, built in a combination of neo-Gothic and Expressionist styles in 1923-1924. Architect was J.Th.JH. Cuypers.

Location: Dorpsstraat 17







The reformed church of Terborg consists of parts from three different periods. It has a 16th-century Gothic choir, an 18th-century tower and a 19th-century nave.

Location: Hoofdstraat 91







The catholic St. Georgius is a neo-Gothic church built in two stages. In 1877 a tower, designed by A. Tepe, was added to an older church, built in 1842. The church was replaced by the current building, designed by J. Stuyt, in 1913-1914.

Location: Hoofdstraat 73







Varsseveld's reformed church is a Gothic pseudo-basilica from the 15th- and 16th-century, but with a tower which dates part from the 13th, part from the 18th century.

Location: Kerkplein 1



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