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Huissen (G)

Small town situated between Arnhem and Nijmegen. Largely destroyed in World War Two and mostly rebuilt in Tradionalist styles after the war.





The Dominican monastery was designed by P.J.H. Cuypers and built in 1856-1858. It consists of a U-shaped monastery and a neo-Gothic chapel.

Location: Kloosterlaan 1





The St. Elisabethsklooster is a former Fransiscan convent which  in 1978 became the town hall. The neo-Gothic chapel was  designed by G. te Riele and built in 1890-1891, while the actual convent was designed in Traditionalist style by G. M.  Leeuwenberg and built in  1935.

Location: Langekerkstraat 2-4






The catholic church O.L. Vrouwe ten Hemelopneming was built after the war to replace a destroyed medieval church. The church was designed by G.M. Leeuwenberg and built in two stages; most of the church was built in 1949-1950, the apse and the tower were added in 1961.

Location: Langekerkstraat 10




Huissen's second catholic church is the H. Martelaren van Gorcum. It was designed by H.W. Valk and built in 1952-1953 to replace a church destroyed in 1944.. The predecessor had been designed by Valk's former employer W. te Riele and was built in 1925-1926.

Location: Van Wijkstraat 33, Huissen-Het Zand


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